( About Us ) 

The company operates the industry diffusers and ventilation ducts in all measurements and sizes. We have a full production line.
Companies are working to equip the state's departments and projects of all requirements, including the central cooling. Ice water (Algelrat) and Bakj and intend to work on maintenance and processing of the finest World origins. Companies are working on the production line for the company Trux World TROX. We also have a lab full electronic special paint colors, all metal and all metal Balbaudr warming.
Projects and companies
1 - Draft buildings of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in a street fight. Canutat work with a length of 15,000 fifteen thousand square meters along with the packaging. Work Salnsat silencers in Bannaata for cooling as well. Processing Bannaata wall air vents (GRILL) and diffusers (DIFFUSER) Slots and Company (ALDES) and Italian origin.
2 - rehabilitation project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Acanutat work to raise the old and the new situation and the work of water pumps, maintenance and replacement. And the work of air diffusers. The water tank's cooling system. And maintenance of towers and thrusters for cooling as well.
3 - Draft Provincial Council. Been working Acanutat own as well. And packaging. And processing also Bneshrat air vents
4 - Building and Construction Ministry of Housing and the new. Implementation of its Canutat with packaging. Bneshrat processing and air vents with all accessories
5 - Rashid Hotel building has been processed and the installation of devices and two thousand Cowell intend switch and maintenance of the affected duct thrusters
6 - Boxat galleries work processes and work Acanutat and vents for a number of hospitals, including (a hospital surgeon. Hospital nuns.'s Hospital of the Annunciation. Fallujah hospital. Yarmouk Hospital. Eye Hospital. And many other hospitals)
7 - is equipped with many of the holy shrines Bashbabec air diffusers and linear ceiling

And other projects of the many circles of the state and civil buildings including hotels and hospitals.

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